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Biomass Boilers in Manchester

Ren-Tech Renewables have unrivalled experience in the design, installation and maintenance of biomass boilers in Manchester and the surrounding areas in both the domestic and commercial sector. With a full multi technology capability for all renewable energy technologies we are able to design the renewable energy solution that best fits the needs of your projects. Our in house design team can help you through the planning and design process to provide the best financial and technical solution.

Our founding ethos was to be “best in class” and this remains our guiding principle. We have full North West capability supported by a hard working team ensuring we can give you the best advice for biomass boilers in Manchester as well as other renewable energy products.

We have a highly qualified workforce of engineers all of who are CRB checked and trained in the latest health and safety requirements for your total peace of mind.

What are biomass boilers?

These boilers, sometimes called pellet fuel boilers, are systems, which burn wood chips, pellets or logs rather than coal or gas. They are connected to the central heating system providing warmth and hot water for a whole house or commercial building.

Why use biomass boilers in Manchester?

They are very good at reducing the carbon footprint of a building because the carbon dioxide released when burning wood is roughly the same as the tree would have absorbed during its growth. Wood is a renewable source of power and there may be some funding available to help with the costs of boiler installation. Pellets can also be a cheaper option to electric or gas when it comes to heating.

shed build specially for biomass boilers in Manchester

Experts in Biomass Boilers in Manchester

There are a few considerations to think about when it comes to using these as replacement boilers, such as space for a flue and storage for the wood, but the best way to know for sure is to call in an expert to the property and get their advice.

Ren-Tech Renewables have experience with many different boilers and will be able to find a suitable system for your domestic or commercial needs, whether you are in Manchester or any of the surrounding areas. There are replacement boilers to suit a variety of budgets, and there are also government incentives for greener heating methods so we may be able to point you in the right direction for this as well.

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Air Source Heat Pumps in Manchester

Ren-Tech Renewables have been installing air source heat pumps in Manchester and the surrounding areas for a decade now and, in that time, we’ve fitted and installed domestic and commercial buildings with our quality heat pumps.

We recognise that air source heat pumps are representative of an innovative step towards climate control that provides energy efficiency; a balance that has eluded the market until now. Suitable for use in radiator systems, underfloor heating and warm air convectors this technology can revolutionise the buildings in which they are installed. Ren-Tech Renewables is the premier installer of air source heat pumps in Manchester and operates all over the North West.

Alternatives to Biomass Boilers

At Ren-Tech Renewables, we’re also able to offer various energy saving alternatives should your property be suitable.

Ground Source Heat Pumps in Manchester

Ren-Tech Renewables have installed ground source heat pumps in Manchester for many domestic and commercial developments.

These units use the natural renewable energy stored in the ground to provide heating and hot water for your home or business.  The earth beneath your feet stores energy from the sun at a fairly constant temperature throughout the year. This heat can be conducted to a liquid flowing through ground loop pipes buried in the earth, pumped through a heat exchanger, and utilised to provide space heating and hot water.


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If you’re thinking about biomass boilers in Manchester, ground source heat pumps or air source heat pumps, Ren-Tech Renewables would be delighted to arrange a visit to go over your options. We offer a free, no obligation quote so why not contact one of our friendly team today, or view our other services here.