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Ground Source Heat Pumps in Stockport

Ren-Tech Renewables have installed ground source heat pumps in Stockport for many domestic and commercial developments.

These units use the natural renewable energy stored in the ground to provide heating and hot water for your home or business.  The earth beneath your feet stores energy from the sun at a fairly constant temperature throughout the year. This heat can be conducted to a liquid flowing through ground loop pipes buried in the earth, pumped through a heat exchanger, and utilised to provide space heating and hot water.

Installation of Heat Pumps

The length of the ground loop needed depends on the size of the property that needs to be heated. The two most popular methods of burying the ground loop are by drilling a bore hole of around 150 metres into the ground (borehole method), or by digging an open trench and burying the ground loop one metre below the surface (slinkies).  Ren-Tech Renewables has developed innovative methods of exploiting the energy stored beneath your feet, making that energy easier and cheaper to extract.  Our engineers have years of experience in drilling underground pipe and cable laying for utility companies. We have adapted and developed that expertise for use with ground source heat pumps in Stockport, using the latest technologies in GSHP systems.

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How does a Heat Pump Work?

A series of pipes in a closed loop formation are installed in the ground outside your property. A Glycol and water mix is circulated in these pipes to absorb the natural renewable heat in the ground.

The liquid in the pipes absorbs 5 to 6 degrees of heat from the ground. The ground is kept at a stable temperature between 10 – 12 degrees C all year round by the sun. When the sun shines the ground is heated and the energy is stored naturally. When it rains the energy is transferred further into the ground as the rain percolates downwards it acts as a natural flux.

  • Reliability 98%
  • Timekeeping 94%
  • Workmanship 98%
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  • The liquid passes through the heat pump, the absorbed heat is extracted, and the liquid goes back into the underground loop to absorb the next batch of heat.
  • The extracted heat passes through a compressor as a gas that raises its temperature up to 100 degrees C, which can then heat water for the heating and hot water circuits of the property.
  • The heat exchange between the ground that was heated by the sun and fluxed by rain percolating through it and the movement of this energy into the building for space heating and hot water is what makes heat pumps so efficient (up to 460%). The heat pump cannot generate energy, it simply moves energy and boosts it through its compressor.
ground source heat pumps in stockport

Heat Pump Installers in Stockport

Imagine being able to heat your property 24 hours a day to a constant comfortable temperature and not have to worry about the cost. This can become a reality by switching to renewable, efficient, clean energy provided by a heat pump system designed and installed by Ren-Tech Renewables.

Our Heat Pump Installation

Instead of paying for the energy you consume, you may instead be able to earn money from the energy you create, and possibly cut your bills to zero.  The RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) – a government initiative to cut carbon emissions – now allows businesses and homeowners to earn money from heat pump installations. See our grants and incentives section for more details.

See our radial horizontal drilling method in action – this is a pioneering non-disruptive, quick and clean installation method developed by Ground Sun for the installation of ground source heat pumps.

Ground Sun will be delighted to install your  heat pumps and provide you with a high-quality service and long-term, cost-efficient results. Contact us for details about our ground source heat pumps in Stockport.