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Our Services

At Ren-Tech Renewables, we’re pleased to offer a variety of energy efficient, environmentally friendly heating solutions for both domestic and commercial clients throughout the Stockport and Greater Manchester area. Here are some examples of our energy saving services:

Biomass Boilers

These boilers, sometimes called pellet fuel boilers, are systems, which burn wood chips, pellets or logs rather than coal or gas. They are connected to the central heating system providing warmth and hot water for a whole house or commercial building.

They are very good at reducing the carbon footprint of a building because the carbon dioxide released when burning wood is roughly the same as the tree would have absorbed during its growth. Wood is a renewable source of power and there may be some funding available to help with the costs of boiler installation. Pellets can also be a cheaper option to electric or gas when it comes to heating.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Have you been looking into ground source heat pumps? Imagine being able to heat your property 24 hours a day to a constant comfortable temperature and not have to worry about the cost. This can become a reality by switching to renewable, efficient, clean energy provided by a heat pump system designed and installed by Ren-Tech Renewables.

Instead of paying for the energy you consume, you may instead be able to earn money from the energy you create, and possibly cut your bills to zero.  The RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) – a government initiative to cut carbon emissions – now allows businesses and homeowners to earn money from heat pump installations. See our grants and incentives section for more details.

  • Reliability 98%
  • Timekeeping 94%
  • Workmanship 98%
  • Courtesy 98%

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps can now offer efficiencies as good as Ground Source Heat Pumps and they are easier and quicker to install than most ground source options. They are especially suitable where space is limited and horizontal ground loops or boreholes are not an option. ASHPs will provide you with an income through the Government’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) Scheme, however, tariffs are lower than those for Ground Source Heat Pumps – see Grants and Incentives for more details.